About Us

Self Directed IRA was created by NuWire Investor as a resource for the growing number of self-directed IRA investors.

Over the years—as a leader in delivering alternative investment news to investors—we  have acquired a plethora of information, resources and contacts dealing with self-directed IRAs. On our Self Directed IRA site we attempt to share this information and make it available to the general public at no cost. We understand that for investors knowledge is power, and hopefully our site can help investors make more educated decisions regarding self-directed IRAs.

As the industry is rapidly changing, though, we acknowledge that it would be impossible for us to keep the information on this site up to date and accurate without the help of people like you—the self directed IRA community. Therefore, we urge you to help your fellow self-directed IRA investors by sharing your experiences. You will notice that most pages on the site allow you to place comments—please do so. If you have general information you wish to share, or if you want to share something pertaining to a page that does not allow for comments, please email us directly at info@nuwireinvestor.com.