Best Crypto, Bitcoin, & Ethereum IRA Companies for 2018

Below is a list of notable Self Directed IRA Facilitators and Self Directed IRA custodians that can create the proper structure which allows for investment of alternative assets with an IRA/401k.

Since its inception, Crypto currency, specifically bitcoin has endured many ups and downs. But early investors in different types of crypto, have seen large gains. Bitcoin specifically, is considered the world’s first fully functional digital currency but there are many others approaching viability.

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Because of increased viability and safety, many people have started investing in Bitcoin for their retirement accounts. Such retirement plans are often called Bitcoin IRAs, and to make such investments you need to go to specialized IRA companies, like a company that offers self-directed IRA LLC, or a specialized custodian for alternative assets. For a list of custodians, CLICK HERE.

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are growing and may prove to be a safer hedge against inflation, many established IRA companies are looking to add them.

When looking into purchasing cryptocurrency with your retirement funds, there are a lot of legal and tax related procedures you need to be aware of for the correct setup and purchase. You should choose a trustworthy custodian as is required for purchase.

If you end up doing this part wrong, you may face penalties on your hard earned retirement money.

Here is a list of Crypto IRA Facilitators and Custodians (Providers):

1. Bitcoin IRA– Bitcoin IRA is the world’s first Bitcoin and digital currency IRA company based out of USA. They started off with Bitcoin for IRAs but now they have expanded to other cryptocurrencies too, which means now you can also include Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash in your crypto IRA.

2. CoinIRA– CoinIRA is the subsidy company of Gerson Financial Group LLC which is a reputed firm of US dealing in precious metals, traditional IRAs, and 401 K plans for the US citizens. And if you have an existing IRA then you can rollover that IRA or 401 K into digital currency IRA through CoinIRA.

3. Regal Assets– Regal Assets is an old player of precious metal industry where they invest in precious metals like Gold and Silver. Using that reputation, they have also launched themselves into digital gold i.e. Bitcoin under the name of RegalWallets which provides services of custodianship, cold storage, and consultancy of its IRA crypto investors.

4. Broad Financial– Broad Financial is a specialized and established company that allows its users to invest in self-directed IRAs. They have been in the business for 14 years now, having started their operations in 2004. It supports Bitcoin and Ethereum compliant IRAs too.

Some more Bitcoin and cryptocurrency IRA companies include:
Noble Bitcoin
IRA Financial Group
Advanta IRA