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  1. Good Evening,

    I have a small firm that teaches classes concerning investing in the Stock Market utilizing Self-Directing IRAs. I am retired military so I personally use USAA. However, a lot of my clients don’t have this option. I want to find a reputable custodian in which I can refer them to in order to set up their accounts – thus becoming your client. It would benefit my company, and the custodian, if I had an exclusive partnership agreement allowing me to refer my clients to you. My clients are typically lower/upper middle class households who are very new to the market. I have two questions:

    1. What is the minimum amount needed by my clients to open up a Self-Directing IRA with your firm, allowing them to choose which stocks they wish to invest?
    2. Do you offer me a referral fee for those clients I send to you?

    Lisa S.

    • Lisa,

      I think you might be confusing self-directed IRAs. When we use the term on this site, it is in reference to self-directed IRAs that allow investors to venture into non-traditional assets like real estate, private loans, etc. What you are referring to, though, is simply a regular IRA that allows folks to invest in whatever stocks they wish – which is actually the norm these days. You can go to any main stream brokerage and set up an IRA that lets you invest in whatever stocks, bonds, mutual funds & ETFs you want. The custodians on this site also allow for stock investments, however, their fees will be much higher than the big traditional custodians. You should be able to find plenty (Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Etrade, etc.) that set up a free IRA and then simply charge commission on trades. In fact many of them are even offering cash incentives to roll over/invest funds. We don’t follow those firms, though, so unfortunately we aren’t going to be much help finding one that pays affiliate fees, but maybe check out Commission Junction and see if one of them are listed there by chance. Best of luck.

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