Trust Company of America

Trust Company of America is a large self-directed IRA custodian – with more than $10 billion under custody and over 100,000 client accounts. Trust Company of America was founded in 1972 (as The Franklin Trust Company), and is located in Centennial, Colorado. While Trust Company of America does offer individual self-directed IRA accounts, the majority of their business revolves around Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs).

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Trust Company of America Licensing:

Custodial type: Depository Trust Company
State where licensed: Colorado
Date license acquired: 1997

Trust Company of America Clients:

Clients: 100,000+
Assets under custody: $10 Billion+

Client Protections

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accreditation: Company is not accredited by the BBB
BBB file opened: July 7, 1977

To view the complaints brought against Trust Company of America, view the company’s BBB profile.

Trust Company of America’s Leadership & Staff:

CEO: David Barry
Founder & Chairman of the Board: Stephen Finn
Staff size: unknown

Trust Company of America Location:

7103 South Revere Parkway
Centennial, CO 80112
Trust Company of America Location


Fee Schedule for Trust Company of America Self-Directed IRAs

The fee schedule for Trust Company of America Self-Directed IRAs can be found here.

Other Products Offered By Trust Company of America:

TCAdvisors Network (Broker/Dealer)
American Partnership Board (Marketplace for illiquid securities)

Trust Company of America’s Contact Information

Phone: 800-223-4133

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4 thoughts on “Trust Company of America

  1. Jim Richardson says:

    I find the fees charged by TCA are excessive. My wife and I have a total of 3 IRA accounts (two traditional and one Roth) Last year we paid over $2,000 in account maintenance fees in total on these accounts.

    On the other hand, TCA pays pennies in interest on Cash held in trust accounts. For the 3 accounts we averaged $5,000 in deposits for the entire year. We were paid a grand total of $0.85 interest on the $5,000 held in trust.

    Politicians want Americans to save money for retirement. They offer several tax saving ways to invest for the future (IRAs etc). These funds are typically held in trust accounts with Trust companies like TCA. They then allow trust companies to gouge the investors with these outrageous fees. You almost get the feeling that politicians own stock in the trust companies.

    It’s counter productive.

    • Jim,

      TCA definitely has higher fees than other custodians out there. It might be worth checking out some other options if you feel like their fees are excessive. At the end of the day, each custodian is different and you will want the one that fits best with your investment objectives. If you hold a lot of cash in the account, then finding one with low fees and higher interest rates on cash balances would seem to make sense. Here is a link to our list of custodians if you want to evaluate other options:

    • Henry,

      If you are looking to setup a self-directed IRA, you will want to contact one of the providers. This site is just an informational source for people, we don’t actually set them up. One thing we recommend is that you talk to at least a few providers before you choose one – take advantage of your options. Before you contact them, though, make sure you have an idea of what your ideal provider will look like (fees, customer service, timelines, etc.).

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